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Discussion about putting on the armor of God and standing against the trickery and deceit of Satan and his minions in our every day life as a believer.


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The Power of Peer Recognition

Increase Job Creativity, Performance, and Happiness

When it comes to staying engaged at work, we can probably list a few things that will assist that process.

But there is an area that either goes overlooked, or unnoticed all together — and that’s peer recognition.

We often only get feedback from our managers, and coaches — sometimes going long stretches without hearing from them whatsoever. A manager who checks in with the individuals on their team every week has a greater ability to keep a connection with their team than say one who does a once-per-year performance review.

That sounds like a great way to nurture feelings of stalled work, anxiety around job security, and a lack of transparency with your team as a whole.

Let’s say for a moment that your management is fantastic. Let’s call it leadership. Those you have made meaningful commitments to in your organization, in honour of the greater purpose.

Even if you have this sort of connection with those you work for, there is still something missing:

How you get along with those you work with.

Mind blowing stuff, right? Well, consistent peer recognition is being shown to be increasingly more powerful than just feedback from your leaders. Why?

Because we tend to trust and respect the opinions of those that we are working beside the most. When we give and receive positive feedback to those around us, our well-being and performance start to sky rocket.

There is a lot of value that comes from being recognized by the person or team you…

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