5 Apps for Running a Business Remotely in Africa

Living in Botswana while running a startup next door in South Africa presents its own set of challenges. In ordinary circumstances, the ideal arrangement would be to either live in South Africa or…


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Stand Against Treachery

By equipping yourself with God’s armor

In our walk with the Lord as true believers, we meet up with struggles and battles every day. Of course, we will never be free of this, as we saw in my previous post: Be Strong! But only in the Lord.

Since war is an integral part of being a believer, we must understand that it will never end while we live in this world as humans.

When I was a child, I would daydream about being the one to save the world. The whole idea of fighting evil interested me, and I longed to challenge those people who would hurt others.

However, fighting spiritual evil daily, hourly, minutely, even on a second-by-second basis never crossed my mind. Blinded, I thought the only thing worth fighting for was the physical life.

Spiritual war persists in each of our lives, and that’s why people want to play war games.

Yet, the Bible tells us what we need to do to fight that battle. How can we, as true believers, wage war against the evil one?

First, what we must do!

Putting on is an action. We can’t go through the day hoping that the armor will somehow fall on us and make us strong. NO! Each true believer must make an effort to do what God commands in Scripture.

When I was in basic training, I quickly learned that I'd better do it right when someone above me told me to move. I couldn’t take my time and dilly-dally around.

Either you did it, or you felt the wrath of the TI (Training Instructor, which was their name when I was in), now called MTI (Military Training Instructor).

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