How to Avoid the First Seven Pitfalls While Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to generate passive income and make money online. However, as a beginner, it can be overwhelming and daunting to navigate the affiliate marketing industry…


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Show Your Personality

Need help in making your first promo video to your audience? I’ll give you some tips and tools to help you get started.

So you want to make your first promo video. You have the product, camera, and software lined up for it, but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, thousands of people were in your place before. But you can get past this roadblock through a couple of tips.

Whatever you’re trying to produce, you’re probably not the first person to do so. The first challenge you’ll face when making a promo video is standing out against your competitors. What sets your educational video or vlog series from the pack?

About zero percent of your viewers will read your three thousand word explanation as to why your channel is better than the next guy’s. Visual content is more accessible, digestible, and sharable to the average viewer. Try to find ways to showcase the product’s personality in a way that’s memorable and relatable.

Have you ever bought a product because you loved the brand’s personality? Chances are — it was a video that you connected with because it was so likable. Make an attempt to make that kind of video content. If people decide that they like your product, they’ll reward you by becoming loyal customers.

Take time to think about your on-camera skills. Do you have a business partner that’s more charismatic? Let them be in front of the camera instead. Talking to a mic and speaking to a new audience might seem easy, but in reality, it’s not. Do multiple takes, upload them onto a video editing software like Swish, and edit out long pauses. Practice cutting and arranging your clips until the transitions look natural.

Words that are spoken with professionalism and clarity will come out better in a promo video than an amateur speaker, whose inexperience on camera is obvious. With this thought in mind, its a good idea to have an employee that’s experienced in on-camera speaking as the voice for your videos, or call a professional.

Along with the talk of keeping your videos short for viewers, it’s true that shorter content is better for most social media platforms. Short and concise content is more valued than longer video content, especially on social media platforms. You can use apps like Swish to create a video that’s under 10 seconds, so they will be ideal to be shared on Twitter and Instagram.

Instead of launching your video, build some hype around the video by promoting the launch date on your website, social media channels, and your blog.

Believe it or not, everyone is not going to sit through your video. Why should they? There are over millions of videos on the Internet, and some of them have cats on them.

Find out what type of value your video will add to your audience. Does it tell them a great story? Does it help them solve a problem? Or is it just 3 minutes of video of you ranting about why a certain product shouldn’t have been invented?

Add value to your video and watch it become shared beyond your niche of friends. Most people are altruistic, meaning that if they see an obvious benefit from watching a video, they will want to share the video with their connections and friends.

Take time to think about the last video you shared. Chances are you shared it because you wanted to establish authority on the topic. You wanted to be the first person in your group to share that information. That’s why most content is shared — for social cred.

Give your audience to credibility they want by making informative videos that are sharable. If your product solves a common problem, present the solution in an innovative, revolutionary way. For instance, if your product can speed a task that your customer does consistently — provide a picture and picture editing features to show how fast they can complete the task with your product.

To conclude, Swish is a great mobile video making an app if you’re making your first promo vid. Find out your audience and create a video that showcases the best features of your product. It will be an excruciating task, but you’ll be rewarded with customers who are willing to buy your products in the long run.

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