How do you handle the onboarding at a new engagement?

While fulltime folks typically onboard logins in a week, and don’t contribute code for a month or more, consultant engagements mean hitting the ground running. When I start at a new engagement, I…


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Gadai BPKB Adira Finance

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Gadai BPKB Motor dan Mobil di ADIRA

Syarat Gadai BPKB Motor di Adira:

-Minimal pembiayan 3jt — 50 jt
-Minimal tenor 12 bln — 3 thn (36 bln).
-Minimal tahun kendaraan: 2014

Dokumen yang Perlu Dipersiapkan:

-Copy KTP
-Copy KK
-Copy Buku Nikah (Jika Menikah)
-Copy Slip Gaji (Khusus Karyawan)
-Copy Buku Tabungan / Rek. Koran (Khusus Usaha)
-Copy STNK
-Copy & Asli BPKB

Sussan Adira

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