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Does the Earth have a twin planet in the Universe?

Astrophysicists have long been convinced that there are billions of habitable planets in the Galaxy and that Earth is far from unique. It wasn’t until 2014, that one of his fellows finally unveiled: the very first exo-earth!

Firstly, this exo-earth ( it’s a planet similar to our Earth but is localised outside or the solar system) is named: Kepler 186f. It is at a distance of 557 light years from our Earth. Kepler 186f have a radius of about 7 000 km, 1,1 times Earth radius.It orbits a little more than 50 million kilometers from its star, approximately the orbit of Mercury in the solar system much closer than the Earth. But the star in the Kepler 186f system being weaker than our Sun, temperatures at this distance should be mild. The habitable zone of this system, that is to say its portion where the water can be in the liquid state, is consequently closer to its star. And Kepler 186f is right in!

To this day, astronomers have discovered more than 3,700 exoplanets (that is, planets outside the solar system). Among them, they estimate that hundreds are small enough to be rocky, and that dozens of them orbit at the "good" distance from their sun: the one that allows them to shelter liquid water. With this first Earth-bis, they have flushed out one that fulfills these two conditions, without which one can not imagine the development of life.

As soon as announced in the journal, April, 2014, the news of his discovery went around the world. "This is the first cousin of the Earth," announced NASA astronomer Steve Howell, while some of his colleagues went so far as to say that it was almost his twin. "In any case, it was the most habitable exoplanet to have been observed, and by far," said Geoffrey Marcy, an exo-planet scientist a"his discovery is historic. first planet of the size of the Earth found in the habitable zone around its star. "

in conclusion, there are chances that in future generations kepler 186f will be our future Earth. Do you think we will need to go in kepler?

Made by: Amadeo Chihane

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